Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blogging, Commence


As 2014 comes to a close, I wanted to figure out some New Year's Resolutions. I was having a pretty difficult time making a list that had any sort of substance to it (i.e: eat healthier, floss, read, you catch my drift.) I thought coming up with a bucket list might be more fun, productive, and ambitious than some resolutions..

Feeling inspired by Design Darling's 101 in 1001, I came up with a 60 in 365: 60 things I'd love to accomplish in 2015. One of my goals is to create a blog so I thought this would be the perfect starting point to my 60 in 365.

Here's my (slightly ambitious) list! I'll update this list as I go & date when I complete certain goals.

  1. Go to Germany & visit my cousin (and soon to be goddaughter!!!)
  2. Go to Denmark & visit my friend Marie
  3. Go to Canada
  4. Take a road trip with a friend
  5. Run a 5k road race
  6. Run a 10k road race
  7. Pull a sub-8:00 on my 2k time for rowing
  8. Hike Mount Katahdin
  9. Hike Mount Washington
  10. Visit Acadia National Park
  11. Go to the Saco Drive-In
  12. Start a blog (December 30, 2014)
  13. Write a blog post at least once a week
  14. Read at least 1 book a month for pleasure (Unbroken- 1/5,)
  15. Read at least 50 books total
  16. Watch 20 documentaries
  17. Spend 30 minutes a day reading the New York Times
  18. Handwrite thank you notes for anything
  19. Medal at a regatta this year
  20. Join a club at UNH
  21. Adventure
  22. Go paddleboarding
  23. Go camping
  24. Go cross-country skiing
  25. Go to Maine's Maple Sunday
  26. Take a cooking class
  27. Create a signature cocktail
  28. Recreate a family recipe
  29. Cook my boyfriend dinner
  30. Deliver baked goods to people in my community
  31. Do the 52-week money challenge (and contribute those savings to paying for school)
  32. Work 5-8 hours a week at my work study job
  33. Donate to my alma mater, Thornton Academy
  34. Surprise my mom at work
  35. Treat my mom to manis&pedis at a spa
  36. Send my grandma flowers
  37. Volunteer at the animal shelter
  38. Buy a stranger's coffee
  39. Take my dad to a Red Sox game
  40. Leave a 100% tip
  41. Try 10 new restaurants
  42. Vote in the election
  43. Go to a Sea Dogs game
  44. Attend a Patriots game
  45. Go to 3 concerts
  46. Reach Gold level for Starbucks
  47. Go ice skating
  48. Pick blueberries
  49. Dress up (fascinator and all) and attend a horse race
  50. Get a massage
  51. Make a T-shirt quilt with my old high school shirt
  52. Play in a soccer game
  53. Finish University Honors Program at UNH
  54. Make a DIY gift for a friend
  55. Make a care package and send it to someone
  56. Surprise my boyfriend w/ concert tix
  57. Give up something for Lent
  58. Go to church
  59. Update my resume
  60. Apply to be a substitute teacher

Courtney Lauren
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